Providing liquidity
to make digital asset market more efficient.

& Algorithms

Hercle leverages its low-latency technology, battle-tested operational framework and algorithms to execute market neutral strategies while providing bid-ask liquidity and tightening the spreads.

For Token Issuers

Token issuers strive to find the right market to improve their order book liquidity and spreads, as liquidity is the ultimate driving factor in sustaining an efficient market to attract traders and investors.

Token issuers rely on Hercle’s tailor made market making solutions to improve their market efficiency

Tighter Spreads

Hercle quotes tighter bid-ask lowering the cost for market agents to trade your tokens

Deep Liquidity

Leveraging its high-frequency execution, pricing and risk management algorithms, Hercle improves the order book depth and strongly lower the slippage

CEX & DEX Integrations

Our low-latency infrastructure is integrated with more than 35 exchanges both centralized and decententralized

Transparent Reporting

We are trusted by token issuers because of our service quality and our transparency. Our clients receive weekly reports about their market conditions

Hercle supports 40+ trading venues among CEXes, DEXes and OTC desks