Electronic single-dealer OTC platform.

HercleX allows both buy and sell institutions, payment gateways and corporate treasuries to get seamless exposure to digital assets

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Hercle provides end-to-end solutions to support investors, institutions and payment services across the whole trade life cycle


Pre-trade risk monitoring and transparency to ensure the right comfort level to our clients


Trade any size of digital assets with +5 local currencies at competitive price with zero additional fees and use Hercle execution algorithms or RFQ


Settle after the trade is executed and receive Hercle TCA reporting


Multi-Asset Support

10+ fiat and 10+ crypto-assets supported

API Connectivity

Clients can leverage our trading infrastructure both via FIX, Websocket, and REST APIs

Capital Efficiency

Clients can trade with Hercle without needing to pre-fund their account, leveraging our delayed settlement offers

Transparent Prices

Hercle offers both RFQ, OTC trading and algorithmic execution (TWAP, VWAP) with zero feeClients execute at the price they see, offsetting slippage risks

Hercle delivers the best prices and a seamless trading experience leveraging its


Hercle technology is tailored to the needs of institutional clients to deliver seamless and secure trading experience

Trade Execution

Thanks to Hercle’s market making activity and the integrations of the major trading venues, our clients can trade any size and access deep digital assets liquidity

Risk Management

Hercle ensures the right comfort level for institutions that want digital asset exposure, thanks to our regulation-first approach and rigorous risk management processes

Digital Assets Supported By Hercle