Low latency technology and market neutral strategies to capture crypto-assets market inefficiencies


More trading strategies

  • Cross-exchange market making and arbitrage: exploiting market inefficiencies thanks to our high-frequency platform and multi-exchange integrations;

  • Maker-taker quant strategies: Hercle uses statistical analysis, neural network architectures, and sophisticated machine learning algorithms in order to outperform the market;

  • Best price execution: ensuring the best-price execution finding the best route for the trade across different assets and exchanges;


SaaS & Consulting Services

Hercle offers its low latency trading engine and its sophisticated market neutral algorithms to exchanges and token issuers who want to improve their order book depth while controlling the slippage.

Furthermore, professionals investors such as banks and funds can take advantage of Hercle’s trading platform to gain crypto-assets exposure in a fast and secure way.

Market Making

Hercle leverages its low latency infrastructure and its battle-tested AI-powered risk management system to execute market-neutral algorithms, providing liquidity to both sides of the order books and profiting from the spreads whether during bull or bear markets. Indeed, market making profits increase during high volume and high volatility situations. Hercle developed sophisticated algorithms to provide liquidity both to bitcoin, altcoin and derivatives markets.